Author Jennifer Froelich’s highly-rated young adult dystopian novel, STEALING LIBERTY, released in 2017 in e-book and paperback, is now available as an audiobook from, a subsidiary of Amazon.

Narrator Laurie Lane lends her versatile voice to the story, expertly capturing the ensemble cast of characters in this story about a band of misfit rebel teenagers who decide to steal the Liberty Bell in a post-American society. The result is more than fourteen hours worth of audio entertainment: perfect for summer road trips and long plane rides. As an added incentive, new Audible customers can download Stealing Liberty for free with their 30-day trial offer.

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STAR, ID (October 20, 2017) — Star resident Jennifer Froelich, whose young adult novel, Stealing Liberty, was released this summer, will be reading an excerpt and signing books at the Star Library, Saturday December 9 at 10 a.m.

Stealing Liberty, published by Clean Reads (Astraea Press), is the dystopian story of Reed Paine, locked up in a post-American society because his parents are enemies of the state. When Reed and a few classmates find a hidden cache of books under their prison school, they learn about the freedom their ancestors lost. Together, they decide to steal back their own liberty, no matter the cost.

Stealing Liberty is already accumulating great reviews from book reviewers in America and internationally, including a five-star rating from Readers’ Favorite. “Stealing Liberty is an action-packed novel you will want to finish in one sitting,” wrote Readers’ Favorite reviewer Katherine Williams. “Every element in this novel is crafted carefully and done well. When I finished the novel, I wanted to give it a round of applause.”

Andreia Nuno of the Book Traveller in Luxembourg wrote: “Stealing Liberty is a brilliantly-written dystopian novel that will remain in the mind of its readers for a long time. The plot is well-developed and its depth makes it almost tangible. The style of writing approaches themes in a subtle way, seducing the reader into going deeper into the story and into the lives of each character. Froelich’s style is impressive and it makes the story memorable.”

And Star resident and avid reader Mindle Hastings, wrote: “The characters are diverse, complex and real. They’re not always likable, but as their stories unfold, you understand that they’re a product of their circumstances, but also their decisions. One thing ties them together – their lack of liberty, and the empowerment they gain when they obtained a small sliver of freedom. Jennifer’s writing is clever and powerful.”

Froelich is the author of two other suspense novels for adult readers, DREAM OF ME and A PLACE BETWEEN BREATHS, which both earned 5-star reviews from Idaho Statesman book critics. A PLACE BETWEEN BREATHS was also awarded an honorable mention in the highly competitive Writer’s Digest 23rd Annual Book Competition. She is currently writing a sequel to Stealing Liberty, which will ultimately be a trilogy.




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