Book Two in the Stealing Liberty now available


Liberty Bell Outline

These words inscribed on the Liberty Bell are taken from Leviticus 25:10:

“…proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof…”

As most of you know, the Liberty Bell has been a symbol of freedom to so many over the years: patriots, abolitionists, those fighting for Native American rights, for women’s rights, and for everyone who understands that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should never be limited, but accessible to every human, from the moment of conception to the end of life. In that spirit, I pray we will all keep proclaiming liberty throughout this beautiful land, and that with freedom, we will spread the kindness and joy that comes with it.

God bless you,



Five-Star Reviews in for Weeping Justice

Book two in the Stealing Liberty Trilogy “does not disappoint.”

Solid 5-star reviews are pouring in for Weeping Justice, book two in the Stealing Liberty Saga. Here are a few examples:

“Wow! Loved it! Can’t wait for book three!”

“Weeping Justice takes you on a wild ride!”

“Did not disappoint! Just as compelling as the first book.”

“Weeping Justice is the rare sequel that improves upon the first installment and confirms that the characters, world and themes are powerful, meaningful and endurable. This is a series you’ll be thinking and talking about for years to come as we watch American history unfold and see whether this vision of the future plays out.”

“I would recommend this book to teenagers and adults who enjoy fantasy, adventure, dystopian society, romance, and intrigue. This book has all that… and more.”

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Two teams. Two rescue missions. One desperate hope for redemption.

Reed Paine thought stealing the Liberty Bell and escaping from Windmill Bay would be his end game, but he never intended to leave two friends behind. When he and Riley decide to search for her sister instead of returning for their friends, they face mounting guilt over their decision, along with dangers they never imagined in the Red Zone.

Xoey Stone is determined to rescue Oliver, even though it means returning to the school that still haunts her dreams. But when she’s confronted with more than one demon from her past, her faith begins to waiver and she makes a bold move – one that will take her back to the Sand and bring her face to face with Director Kino.



Author Jennifer Froelich’s highly-rated young adult dystopian novel, Stealing Liberty, released in 2017 in e-book and paperback, is now available as an audiobook from Audible.com, a subsidiary of Amazon.

Narrator Laurie Lane lends her versatile voice to the story, expertly capturing the ensemble cast of characters in this story about a band of misfit rebel teenagers who decide to steal the Liberty Bell in a post-American society. The result is more than fourteen hours worth of audio entertainment: perfect for summer road trips and long plane rides. As an added incentive, new Audible customers can download Stealing Liberty for free with their 30-day trial offer.

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